The Kansas Armed Self-Defense Group

"Always armed, always vigilant."

Fees & Enrollment

Please let us know which courses you are interested in by downloading the PDF enrollment form below.  When you are finished, please mail the enrollment form and your signed waiver to us (The KASDG, 1228 Westloop Pl. PMB#123, Manhattan, KS  66502-2840).  One of our Instructors will contact you as soon as possible.  With the exception of hourly private instruction, a minimum of five students must be enrolled for a given course to be taught as scheduled.

KASDG Courses Currently Offered:


You will need to fill out the forms below, enclose the course fee(s), and mail to KASDG prior to taking a course.

The KASDG reserves the right to decline any applicant’s registration or enrollment in any KASDG training course.

A minimum of five (5) students is required for CCH certification courses; otherwise the course is rescheduled for the next month’s class.



CCH Certification *


“WOMEN ONLY” CCH Certification *


NRA Basic Pistol


NRA Personal Protection Inside The Home


NRA Personal Protection Outside The Home    

Please download and READ the PDF file below prior to attending a KASDG CCH Certification course.













*note: $60.00 for active duty military or spouses of active duty military.